So what level have you unlocked? Concerning your insight and understanding of the world within and around us?

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Along with this pic being absolutely hilarious it follows a path of the rabbit hole many go down when they start to pierce the veil.

Please note: some of these are obviously fake/jokes.

Explanations and further research into many of these topics: 

Tier 1 – Crazyhead:
Mainstream conspiracies and “unsolved” mysteries. Most of the stuff is well documented and known to a good portion of the western citizens.
A lot of common theories may be grouped in broader terms, or may not even appear on the chart at all considering their meaning or popularity.
Fake News:
Cryptozoology Creatures:
Big Pharma:
Climate Denial:
Media Control:
Mandela Effect:
Pizzagate: ?
Reptilian and government theories:
New World Order:
Moon landing:
The shape of the earth (disinfo):
Celebrities deaths:
Jews and group conspiracies:
Anartica theories:
CIA selling drugs:
Basement tapes:
Operation Northwoods:
Vela incident:
Trump theories:
Padma Mccord:
The death of Elisa Lam:
Epstein links:
Tara Calico picture:
Mad Gasser of Mattoon:
I-70 Killer:
Mind over body:
Majestic 12
Red squads:
The secret:
Max Headroom:
Un Agenda:
Countless idiocy related to the use nobody cares about:
[see above]
Tier 2 – Deep Researcher:
Theories and Twilight Zone level stuff. Most of these entries can easily be studied through the use of mainstream media (internet, television, radio, etc), but they require a good grasp of how the world works to be fully understood.
Common people [m’lady] rarely go this deep.
Lucid dreaming:
Fluoride dangers:
McFly Code:
Admiral Byrd:
Weather control (HAARP):
Pfaffenstein theory:
23 Enigma:
Eastern Philosophies:
The Missing cosmonauts:
Dyatlov Pass incident:
Declassified Documents:
Pineal gland calcification:
Operation Blue beam:
Occult knowledge:
Shelled/Firmament earth:
Men in black:
The boy in the box:
Simulated reality:
Clown sightings: [kek]
Space is fake:
Intelligent design:
LA Oil Rigs:
Ghost Girl:
Archdemons and Archangels:
Philosopher’s stone:
My red is not your red:
Francis Leavy’s handprint:
Bohemian Grove: (playlist of Mark Dice’s Bohemian Grove videos)
Lost Civiliszations:
Paranormal creatures:
Profesional sports are scripted:
Snuff cinema:
Human Experiments:
Crystal skulls:
The Sixth Extinction:
Saturn’s Rings:
Polar shift:
Large Hadron collider:
People of the mount:
WW2 black book:
Fish rain (and other similar events):
Clinton body doubles:
Butterfly effect:
Patterson-Gimlin Massacre [don’t know where’s there a massacre]
Hooton’s plan:
Oil Pit Squid:
Tier 3 – Truth Agent:
Point of no return: some of this knowledge will make you appear and act like a lunatic to normal people’s eyes, but it’s just the beginning.
If you are still here, you might want to study and research more, following your path.
Quantum suicide and immortality:
Tree swastika:
Genocide denial:
Roko’s basilisk:’s_basilisk
Publius enigma:
Russian sleep exepriment:
Esoteric knowledge:
Denver airport:
Spirit Science:
Plain of Jars:
The Beacon of Hate:
Feral children:
Anti-natalism (anti-life ethics):
Charles Fort:
The road to Roota:
Mereological nihilism:
The Cagots:
Deep sea lab techs:
Hitler escaped inside of the earth:
Illuminati blood banks:
Sacred geometry:
Black pope prophecy:
DMT beings:
Missing children forest:
Die Glocke:
Arnold’s real height:
National Parks closures:
Lake Baikal:
Dancing plague:
Hierarchical states of reality:
Webdriver torso codes:
Mexican sugar dancing:
Introspection rundown:
USA are an Experiment: (not quite sure)
Bielefield psyops:
Online video game monitoring:
John “Babbacombe” Lee:
RPG insanity training:
Enforced race mixing/homosexuality:
Oz Factor:
Extreme continents:
Shaver’s writings:
Porn Control:
Temporary autonomous zones:
Quantom Jumping:
French viper releases:
* (snakes?)
Stone spheres of Costa Rica:
Mach’s principle:
Deep ecology fascism:
Death worm:
KKK fueled by goverments:
Titanic didn’t sink:
Smithsonian suppression:
Tier 4 – Adept to Secrets:
Occult learnings and mysteries of the lower tier that apparently seem to be an innocent start to start to become more sinister.
You began to see patterns everywhere, realizing you only dipped your toes in the conspiracy world.
Very few people believe or have heard of stuff on this level.
Dzopa tribe (dzopa stones):
Lord Pakal’s time machine:
North Korea utopia:
Grand unified conspiracy theory:
Cybersquatting time travelers:
Comic-con child recruitment:
Plastic surgery runaways:
It’s a book. I might buy it and convert it to a pdf.
Locations of super interest:
Baltic anomaly:
Planned extinction (eco triage):
Haunted places world map:
Artifical poisonous snow:
King Babylon’s world control:
Depopulation funds:
SCP based on real life: [quick answer no]
Holotropic Breathwork:
Sea peoples:
Infrared laundry balls:
Black curse hope:
* [a clothes site?]
Falun Gong:
TOR owned by the Government:
Cave dweller holocaust:
Trilateral Commission:
Dolphin intelligence:
Meat showers:
Himalayan zombies:
Deep philosophies:
Civil war sightings:
*–and-horrors–of-civil-war-medicine/2017/09/06/c2c6cb6e-786c-11e7-8839-ec48ec4cae25_story.html?utm_term=.1e7185200aac (I don’t know what to make of this but this article is pretty cool)
MIRL cults:
Nothing. “meet in real life cults.” Too vague and obscure to find anything.
Helios 522:
Toronto protocol:
[another book]
the perestroika deception:
Bootes void:
Cuban yellow balloons:
Driver killed JFK:
Fracking deaths:
Esoteric Hitlerism:
Red rooms:
Plant intelligence:
Last Thursdayism: [I like the minimalist website]
Bouvet island lifeboat:
Abiogenic oil:
Secret societies today:
Real Myziam:
Prison planets:
Malta catacombs:
Amphibians in Iraq:
Phantom kangaroos:
Patomskiy crater:
Thomas Pynchon:
Dighton rock:
Bunkers on Mars:
Triassic mystery:
Sabinche Tomatovic tape: [interesting, and disgusting]
Marko Rodin:
Operation paperclip:
Negative Planck feedback:
ICBM decoys: [a rare flag I guess]
Tier 5 – Animaster:
This kind of knowledge is often hidden in plain sight or can be found in very ancient texts, after meticulous research that may take dozens of years.
From this point on, some people have a hard time even understanding most of these concepts.
The journey starts here.
The magic of the state:
Crank incident:
Sycamore Knoll:
Reactionless drive:
Cometary Earth:
* [Bionicle?]
Max Spiers:
Acoustic attacks:
Bloodletting magick:
Google Earth black zones:
[♪ I look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror ♪]
Crowdfunded assassination:
Serpent seed:
Inunaki village:
Prama release:
Sorry, nothing for this.
24 hour year:
Corporates kill lists:
The man from Earth:
Interdimensional Bigfoot: [ok?]
Organic black helicopters:
Manatees are humans:
John Titor project:
Russian crime dungeons:
* [does not relate, but pretty creepy none the less]
Universal communion:
There are no forests (mountains are trees):
Asian blood types:
Ghost condensate:
Shanyna Isom:
Memphis rap:
Ural relief (the map of the creator):
Bitcoins created by banks (Satoshi Nakamoto): [can’t find too much on this subject]
Psychotropic warfare:
New chronology and history denials: [relates to the subject]
China’s real population:
Mental problems theory:
Highway trolls:
oOo (school of thought, you idots):
I found this ( not sure if it relates to the subject.
Arizona ghost radio:
Windshield pitting epidemic:
North Korea ghost boats:
Human hunting:
Teeth implants at birth:
Could not find anything for this.
Stuxxnet revival studies:
Urine fasting:
Greek magnetic sky:
Quantum entanglement:
Dr. Robery Morse:
Harmonic sync:
Report from the iron mountain: [book]
USSR never collapsed:
Kundalini energy:
Brain in a jar theory:
Universe people: [the site is unavailable “403 forbidden”]
The ummo-case:
Mount Kailash pyramid city:
Segregated internet:
Antikythera mechanism:
Gedi ruins:
Theosophist geology:
40th Tithe:
Polywater: [kek]
HGP defunded:
The cosmic butterfly (Rosalind Ballingall):
Tier 6 – Transcended:
At this depth, the detachment from reality starts to kick in. The world you once knew begins to fall and crumble apart but in a good kind of way.
The human questions are suddenly interesting again and you see life for what it is.
The purpose is back.
SAINT is angels:
Human zoos:
Georgia Guidestones:
Coriander veins:
Carthage equation:
Mad honey:
Animal spying:
Coronal heating:
Empty internet: [there are some good answers here]
Dogon tribe:
Dack city (non-fiction):
Microdot.gif: [post 20246740]
Can’t find any more info. on this subject.
Oxygen is hallucinogenic:
[no useful information can be found here]
Purple spheres:–Mysterious-purple-spheres-desert-spark-speculation.html
Malbolge programming:
Subjective reality: (creepypastaa)
Four corners face:
Solar diet:
Spiritual macroeconomy:
Stab wound penetration:
Michigan Blue Hell:
Sherpas of Khandbari:
Alternative world ending:
Streetlight interference:
Real fluoride dangers:
Futuristic earthworks:
Conspiracies psyops:
Obscure video games:
Sexual assault missiles:
Sirkus real url:
Singularity already happened:
Extreme conditioning:
Algal biofuel real potential:
The layer cake theory:
Iraq stargates:
Bovine poisoning:
The human brain is incapable of memory (memory placebo effect):
Soul healing:
CP soundtracks [“FBI OPEN UP” *shoots]:
Dream hacking:
Mars slave colonies:
Life on the sun:
Hollow universe:
Atom bomb never created:
Great electronic conspiracy:
Captivity suburbs:
Multiple Christs theory:
DNA formed in big bang:
Kali Yuga:
Ai in a box:
Torsion fields:
Valley of headless men:
Arbutus crucible:
Morphogenetic fields:
Malkasian paradigm:
Genepool financialization:
Flatland UFO theory:
Incunabula: (buy some)
Aetherius society:
Tier 7 – Interdimensional Monk:
The interdimensional monk sees the whole picture and is able to discern reality from unreality.
Because of their nature, the mixture of entities around this tier is a really varied one and very difficult to comprehend.
Aztec theogony:
The parrot:
Real dowsing and rhabdomancy:
Faust non-fiction:
Amazon rainforest was built:
Gatekeeper’s remorse:
Border’s engine:
Temporary enlightenment:
Jews forced to be in power:
Appendix monkey tail:
Concrete enemas:
Dog suicide bridge:
Pro-war buddhism:
Akashic records:
Emergency broadcasts neuralyzer:
The Simpsons is real footage: [bullshit]
Roman metaphysics:
Prison earth:
Inorganic bridges:
Sleep deprivation lifestyle:
TL;DR don’t do it
Dinoceros helped to build the pyramids:
Anunnaki puppet show:
The rapture already happened:
Greider’s endgame:
Soy spraying (Coins, etc…) and weaponized soy:
Bicameralism (bicameral mind):
Staring anxiety (digital screens):
Ancient structures purpose:
The real intention of the road to Roota:
Most drugs are benevolent:
Doveland Wisconsin:
Finland doesn’t exist:–these-are-the-12-craziest-conspiracy-theories-on-the-internet-2017-11/
Number stations:
Everest cover-ups:
Towel conspiracy: [i have no excuses for this]
All religions are the same:
[bullshit but I’ll put it in here anyway]
Valley of the lost Candles:
Advanced cryptozoology:
Asian overlords Triad:
Looking at dark energy:
2006 volleyball incident:
Artificial aliens:
Secret Mongolian empire:
New Zealand 8th continent:
Moon built by aliens:
Protein QRD-4151:
2012 Mayan prophecy shift:
Aeromorphists psyops:
Ground heat dissipation:
Disneyland secret tunnels:
Abaka alignment:
Bacterial humanity:
Ancient glyphs on Saturn’s moons:
Charley project: [very unsettling and sad]
Grain solution:
Earth is bigger than the Sun:
Ashtar high command:
The Ocean does not exist:
Nothing, whoever created this chart must live in Saudi Arabia.
Geometric algorithmic shortcuts:
Malerei die spirale (the sprial): [german] [german]
Bioma over genoma:
Hivemind induction:
Field consciousness:
Chaos banking:
Doom ecology:
Tomoki Uemiya:
Nuclear grid theory:
Tier 8 – Reality Hacker:
At extreme depths, the very structure of reality as you know vanishes.
Able to control the flow and having mastered the world and those around you, one last question remains: can you master yourself?
Illuminati are the good guys:
Demolition elves:
War is fake:
Nothing, Too many fake news results come up.
Tesseract earth/universe:
Nothing except Marvel stuffs.
JFK shot himself:
Moai statues were Rapa Nui Ans:
Nothing but Facebook profiles for “Mat Hacker”
Upside down Moon:
One day is not 24 hours:
It isn’t, it is 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds.
Law of Time:
The real meaning of hybrid RPG:
Source code for the human brain:
Tibetan slut stocks:
Fire is alive:
Eating food makes you age:,,20837371,00.html
Antarctica prevarication:
1800s technology:
Nothing, but that sounds like a cool subject.
Door dogs:
Nothing but doggy doors.
Fukushima’s gateway:
Lottery exists to catch time travelers:
Psyops don’t exist:
Vertical universe:
Prophecies enforcing agency:
Consciousness banned from moon-base:
Panurgic men:
Human immortality (induced amnesia theory):
Elite controls the population with their permission:
Technocracy theory (AI is in control of the world):
Bald society:
* (this?)
Water is not from the Earth:
Runescape conspiracies (mainly .nyc):
Concrete people of Collaguasi:
Codification: (not sure what one the chart the referring to)
Inverted Humans:
Italian languages (DNA shaping techniqies):
* [german]
Saint Olvin’s creations (14/???, SCHNELL online, etc):
90% of books written by one author:
Holy grail found centuries ago:
(I could run a cup store for all the “holy grails” they’ve found)
Bovine hormone conditioning:
XRA psyops:
(I think I need a sip from the holy grail now)
Hostile plants:
Nothing, but you can learn about some Magical Herbs and Plants here ->
Upward causality:
Lithuanian poems:
(a brief discussion about them)
Aliens caused the bubonic plague:
Enchanted websites:
Sun collapse (Solar mining):
Microchips found in fossils:
Black snake prophecy:
Underground caverns (hollow earth passages):
Biblical aliens:
Air is poison/drug for living organisms:
Nothing, interesting theory though…
Luna Park train fire demon:
Neanderthal superiority:
UFOs are atmospheric lifeforms:
Expanding earth:
Forest stairs:
Nephilim protocols (deep web):
Atomic renovation:
Senses programming:
Paradigm recalescence: [only mentioned]
Diseases worship:
Neolithic’s contraption:
Animal-plant hybrids:
Sky-snag theory: [my eyes hurt]
Welteislehre (glacial cosmogony):
Cosmic censorship cottage:
Tier 9 – Man of the World:
The final understanding is so close you can almost feel it.
At last, you ascended, leaving behind all of the conspiracies, all the mysteries, all the known and unknown.
Finally, you can see past the iceberg.
Despair code:
Dr. Emoto’s water experiments (Sentient water):
Self-burying hoses:
Blood and soil effect of wars:
Cigarettes extreme health benefits:
Passtimes iceberg is mostly real:
Secret human organs:
Iceberg knowledge and iceberg psyops:
Tops of mountains:
Organs decalcification:
Solar plexus clown gliders:
Skin is actually an alien parasite:
Silicon beings:
Original earth theory:
Can’t find anything but flat earth stuff for this. But here’s some gap theory stuffs:
Meat stations and meat tradings (do not research):
World wraps:
Secret gates:
Nothing. Pizzagate?
Golf rumors (Use caution):
Robert golf rumors, glass camera (Even more caution advised):
Pyramids built by the templars order:
Endless elevators:
Divinities playing card game:
Regurgitation rituals:
Hook operators:
Regenerative death consumption:
Chakra removal:
Sexual/erotic energy:
Trees are mammals:
Time/history moves in reverse:
The math vault of Trinidad: [nothing’s actually here]
Entity merging:
Monon tunnels:
Inside out earth:
Human biocapital:
TGA greyspacing:
The ocean at night:
* [Oooooooo spooky]
Berry bushes (missing people theory):
The sky is alive:
Volcanoes real purpose (stars alive):
Nano-ufos and giga-ufos:
Holistic tubes:
Cuneiform language in technology:
Bhutanese shadow market:
Hydrophobia experiments (rabies):…/why_does_rabies_cause_a_fear_of_water/
Phantom time (We know nothing):
Null compliance security:
Phlogiston theory resurfacing:
Santiago interference:
Eilean Mor island (Flannan’s lighthouse):
Sphinx water erosion hypothesis implications:
Archontic genetic engineered entities (SPE):
Eggless travel:
Prolepsis: [which one?]
Stone head of Guatemala:
The phone mafia:
Elf lamentations:
Approaching stars:
Vaccines soul stealing:
Tier 0 – The rebirth:
Everything, in the end, becomes true.
Bank of souls:
Incorruptible saints:
God of the gaps never existed:
Oil/resources from humans:
Feelings auto suppression:
Pornstars leeching your energy:
Virus 23 (despair code):
Pancreas denial: [bullshittake]
Pattern manipulation:
Pattern manipulation:
Ascension blacklist (Ascendance prevention):
3rd eye located in anus:
Doing the thing + the importance of love:
Noting for this in particular
Oikeiosis (Dasein’s teachings):
All conspiracies are true:
Forced soul removal:
Real humans died millennia ago:
Roman empire still rules the world:
Artifice predance:
Paleolithic deep state:
Depression overriding:
Encorings: [wat?]
God’s ego death:
Grand soy theory:
Golden rules of nature:
There is no conspiracy:
Probably not.
God’s last wish:
The final understanding:
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